Process Automation

Field Instrumentation

Industrial Sensors and Instrumentation
Fill Level / Limit Valvue / Level
Weighing Instruments

Process Instrumentation Hygienic Designed
GHMadapt processconnection
Magnetic Inductive Flow
Flow Calorimetric
Point Level Capacitive
Point Level Conductive / Level calorimetry
Level potentiometric

Laboratory Instrumentation

Industrial Electronics
Displays / Controller
Isolating Converter
Safety and Monitoring
Power Electronic
Calibrating and Testing

Measurement Data Acquisition
Data logger / EASYBus
Test Bench Measurement
Renewable Energy
Wireless Data Loggers

Analytical Measurement

Digital pH Transmitter

Range: 0-14 pH
Output: Relay, Analog (Current/Voltage)
Versions: Field mounted, Panel/Wall Mounted, with/without display

Inductive Conductivity Transmitter
Range: 0.05 Micro Siemens /cm – 2 Siemens/cm
Output: Relay, Analog (Current/Voltage)
Versions: Field mounted, Panel/Wall Mounted, with/without display


Solenoid Valves

2 way, 3 way, 5 way Direct Acting, Servo assisted solenoid valves
for general purpose, high pressure and aggressive media applications.
Available in sizes from 1/8” to 2 ½ “ with threaded, manifold and flanged versions.

Customized Pneumatic Actuation Systems
Remote Process Actuation Control System (AirLINE);
compatible to follow I/O-Systems:
WAGO I/O-System 750, Phoenix INLINE-System,
Rockwell Point I/O-System, Siemens SIMATIC ET 200S.

Process Valves
Diaphragm valves, Globe valves, Angle seat valves, Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Positioners, Control Heads, Pneumatic & Electric Quarterturn actuators

Body Material: S.S., Brass, Gun Metal, Plastic, etc.
Type of Connections: Threaded, Weld End, Flange, Tri-clamp, True Union, etc.
On/Off and Proportional operation with PID controllers and Positioners