Factory Automation

Sensor Solutions

Position Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors
Diffuse (Sensing Range - 5mm to 1500mm)
Retro-Reflective (Sensing Range - 0.5mm to 11 m)
Through Beam (Sensing Range - 0.7mm to 20 m)
Laser Distance (Sensing Range - 16 mm to 1000 mm)
Fiber Optic (Sensing Range - 16mm to 1400 mm)

Proximity Sensors
Capacitive Sensors (Sensing Range - 0.5mm to 15mm)
Inductive Sensors (Sensing Range – 0.8mm to 15mm)

Ultrasonic Sensors
Analog (Sensing Range – 2mm to 2500mm)
Proximity (Sensing Range – 5mm to 2500mm)
Retro Reflective (Sensing Range – 0to 3000mm)
Through Beam (Sensing Range – 0 to 700mm)

Force, Pressure & Strain Sensors
Hot Metal Detectors
Laser Distance Sensors
Magnetic Sensors
Precision Limit Switches
Vision Sensors

Motion Control

Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty Incremental Encoders
(Square Wave Cycles per Turn: up to 10000)
Heavy Duty Sine Encoders (Sine Wave Cycles per Turn: up to 5000)
Heavy Duty Absolute Encoders (Resolution: ST 13-bit/MT 16-bit)
Heavy Duty Tachogenerators (Speed range exceeds 1: 20,000 (>14 bit))

Absolute Single Turn Encoders (Optical and Magnetic)
Absolute Multi Turn Encoders (Optical and Magnetic)
Incremental Encoders (Optical and Magnetic)
Actuator & Positioning Drives
Spindle Positioning Systems
Cable Pull Encoders

Vision Systems

Digital Cameras
Matrix and Line Scan Cameras, Real-time PCI complete systems, OEM Camera modules, Smart Cameras
Smart Vision Sensors
Powerful and compact vision sensors
Industrial design with user-friendly interfaces
Presence verification
Position verification
Completeness verification
Identification, etc.